Saturday, January 01, 2005

Officials See Too Many Disabled in Senior Housing

See this article by that title in the East Hartford Gazette. A key passage:

State Sen. Gary LeBeau, D-3rd District, recently announced his support for measures that would limit the number of young, disabled men and women who live in state housing for the elderly. State officials have been studying several proposals, including one that limits young disabled tenants to 14 percent of Massachusetts state housing.
LeBeau supports the Massachusetts model.
"Such a model would help ensure that in the future, disabled people do not proportionately occupy state-funded housing for the elderly," the senator said. "This would help the financial stability of housing authorities."
Seems like a false choice to me. If the system of funding public housing gives states an incentive to push people with disabilities out, that model should be changed. This pitting of seniors against people with disabilities (obviously overlapping groups) is the kind of thing we should get used to. Think, for example, about the recent stories in which Governors complain that Medicaid is taking money away from education. Welcome to the negative-sum budget politics of Bush II.


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