Monday, May 29, 2006

Red Bluff Councilman Sues City Over Disability Issues

See this story by that title out of California. It begins:

A legally blind member of the Red Bluff City Council is suing the city.

Councilman Larry Stevens claims that the city failed to meet his disability needs and that the former city manager conspired to remove him from the mayor's post after he threatened a lawsuit.

The suit contends the city regularly failed to comply with Stevens' standing request to have city documents, maps and charts printed in large 18- or 20-point type.

It also says that the city didn't comply with Stevens' efforts to make Red Bluff City Hall and the city's sidewalks and curbs more accessible for the disabled.

And the suit contends that city staff, particularly former City Manager Susan Price, retaliated against Stevens by helping to schedule a special council meeting to remove him as mayor last year.


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