Thursday, February 08, 2007

Motion to Intervene in Zyprexa Litigation

I break radio silence to note the brief, filed yesterday, in which the Bazelon Center and I represent a number of mental health organizations, Consumers Union, and mental health professionals who seek to intervene in the Zyprexa litigation to move to unseal the documents discussed in the New York Times. The intervention motion is here. The Bazelon Center's press release is here. And TortsProf comments here.


Blogger Mary K Day-Petrano said...

Somebody needs to really take a look at risperdal, too. This drug was given to me on what I consider an improper experimental bisis to try to "correct" my autism language impairments.

Risperdal creates the same type of weight gain as Zyprexia, and no warning of this were ever given to me. The weight gain problem is permanent even years after stopping the risperdal.

In my case, I won a Natrional equestrian championship before the risperdal, and ever since it has practically ruined my equestrian career due to the weight gain no one wanred me would occur.

10:41 PM  

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