Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Winkelman Argument Coverage

Today, the Supreme Court hears arguments in Winkelman v. Parma School District, which presents the question whether parents can represent themselves and their children in IDEA cases. SCOTUSBlog has this preview. The AP has this article on the case.

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Blogger Kathy Podgers said...

This, indeed, raises many interesting issues. for example, what would happen if the parents were divided on which school, ed plan, they thought best for their child? What would happen if one parent was teacher within the school system? How different is this issue from the complaint, was it the pledge of alegience to the flag issue, the dad of a child brought?

Should Ashley type parents have the right to sue pro se for extreem body modification if it would allow their child to better learn in school? Gee, so many side issues here.

When can we expect a decision on these two cases?

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